Podcast Episode 47: Meet My Secret Weapon – Todd Herman

I’m going to tell you about a guy named Todd – a true Canadian through and through who loves cowboy boots and root beer almost as much as I do.

He has worked with Olympic athletes, Fortune 100 CEO’s, and high level entrepreneurs as a performance coach {and even helps little ole business owners like me}.

He is the founder of The 90 Day Year, which is a program that truly pushes you past your comfort zones to achieve what you want in way less time.

And as someone who is a lifelong creative and hates fitting into any box, planning can be quite difficult.

But this past year I trusted Todd’s approach of knowing every single goal, dream and plan to get things done and the results…they were quite simply amazing!

I was introduced to him by my business coach last year. And, yes, for those of you who are wondering I do have a business coach and have for most of my career. I used to wonder if it was frivolous or unnecessary until I sat through a talk with Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, former VP of Google, who detailed her relationship with her business coach of the last eight years. I figured if a VP of Google still felt like they needed help, it was a-okay for me too.

I had set big goals. Huge, in fact. As in doubling my revenue, adding members to my team and maybe selling off some of my companies.

And, I wanted to do it all in about six months.

I believe my mother’s words were, “You’ve lost your mind”.

James, my business coach, on the other hand, said, “You need to meet Todd Herman.”

You see, I’m pretty good at making things happen and building systems in my company, but I didn’t have a clear vision for making this big of a leap, that quickly. I had 17 priorities I wanted to achieve, 6 ways to make this happen, and 24 hours in the day. I needed clarity and I needed to implement as few things as possible to actually get to my goals without working all the time

In other words, I needed a really clear plan to making my goal happen.

And in the past year, I’ve gone through 2 cycles of The 90 Day Year program and went from $0 to over $500,000 in my online business. The best part? It took me half the hours to get there.

That’s real serious, y’all.

So join me for the next 2.5 weeks as Todd shares his jam-packed four-part video series that I honestly can’t believe is free.

We’re going to work through Todd’s 90 Day Year framework and build a plan for Quarter 1.

You in?

The first video is already waiting for you HERE. So watch, listen and learn some incredibly powerful stuff.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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