Podcast Episode 111: The Social Media Marketing Strategy That’s Poised To Be a Million Dollar Home Run

I’ve been really lucky to spend time perfecting what our social media strategy should look like.

Within those years, I really treated my experiences like a testing pot. I wanted to see what would drive people to really engage with my business.

When you’re able to test things as much as I have, it really gives you an arsenal of strategies.

There’s no such thing as 1 strategy you should be using over the course of the year. It doesn’t mean it has to be complex.

Think of your marketing plan 1 offering at a time.

Baby steps…

So the big question becomes, based on all of these years of experience, what is going to work in 2017?

Well, I was recently inspired by 3 of our clients who have been applying our cool strategies and seeing upwards of a 45% increase in leads coming in.

When it come to any type of marketing, there are really 2 types –

  • Short Term
  • Long Term

You’re going to want to listen to Episode 111 and learn:

  • How I took my ad spend down to only 10% of what it was previously
  • What are the two different types of marketing that your business has to have
  • Why we buy into companies when we know that they stand for
  • What are the major differences between short and long-term marketing?


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With grit + gratitude,

Xo Lisé

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