Podcast Episode 113: The #1 Person Your Business Needs To Head to 6-Figures, 7 Figures and Far Beyond…

I’m sure we could all name 3 people (at least) that matter so much to us in our lives.

But how about 3 people in your business? People who have given you purpose and have pushed you to new levels.

I’ve been lucky to have had these 3 people in my life since the very beginning.

My parents told me something a long time ago that’s stuck with me –

You know very little about what you are about to do. All you have it a vision and hope.

But you’re surrounded with people who have tremendous knowledge and know more than you could possibly know. The one thing we want you to do is to sit down and learn from as many of these people as possible.

This started a 3-month journey of knocking on people’s doors to learn as much as I possibly could! These were professors and thought leaders with opportunities. They had no reason to talk to me. I just asked and most were surprisingly open to talking to me.

It was how I learned the value of mentorship.

Every person gave me great advice that’s continued to help me throughout the years.

But you may be asking, “Why mentorship?”

So listen into Episode 113 and you’ll learn:

  • How I carried a childhood lesson into the rest of my life
  • How I realized the importance of a mentors (and how I chose them for very specific parts of my business)
  • Why it is important as a CEO to know when you need help
  • The connections I made through my mentors were priceless
  • How the immense power of community kept me going
  • The power of listening (and taking action off what you hear)!
  • Find mentors who have actually built successful, proven systems within your industry
  • Why the boundaries of a mentorship must be understood

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With grit + gratitude,

X0 Lisé

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