Podcast 121: Systems Saved Me- How You Can Add An Additional 6 Figures A Year By Implementing A Simple 3 Step Client Onboarding Process

When I started in my business, there was one thing and one thing alone that was missing that I wanted more than anything.

It’s not the sexiest thing. Not the most glamorous thing. But I knew it was the one thing that would give me freedom. And that’s systems.

After years of creating systems and pulling them all together, I could expand my brand, my empire and ultimately train other people to do things in my business.

And if there’s one thing for you to do today, it’s putting some key systems in your business to experience true freedom.

My guest today is going to be talking all about those systems and how we can input them into your business ASAP.

Jordan Gill, the founder of The Kolada Group, is a business operations consultant who helps you maximize the efficiency of your tech and teams.

This will be a series of episodes for the next 3 weeks going over your client onboarding process, social media management, and inventory management.

Up first is your client onboarding process so listen in to Episode 121 and learn:

  • A simple way to get a customer for life!
  • Which large company “surprises and delights” its customers (and an example of a small company that’s doing just this)
  • What is the biggest mistake that companies are making in the client onboarding process
  • What can go wrong by not educating your client on the process
  • Three types of people your business will have to cater to
  • Our three areas of focus for onboarding
  • What truly makes a really great brand!



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