Podcast Episode 148: Meet Annie Trotta, Owner of Surya Yoga, and Hear How She Took Her Studio From Crickets to Doubled Revenue With a Go-To Marketing Plan

When Annie opened the doors to her studio, Surya Yoga, she did it the way many studio owners do…

Without a single student, not a single Facebook ad, and with a website barely up and running.

Now I don’t knock starting small and scrappy, but Annie eventually realized this approach didn’t make for sustainable success.

After nearly two years of scrambling and not being able to pay herself reliably, she knew something had to give. And she needed help… and fast.

And here’s what I love about Annie…

She’s a DOER.

No, she’s not a marketing person, and she freely admits she doesn’t love it, and heck, doesn’t really get it either.

But she kept the faith, followed the steps, and did exactly what we said to do through The Client Cure program.

Now she’s doubled her revenue in one of the notoriously “slow” months of the year. Along with some other significant markers of success…

She’s also packing her studio with participants, successfully converting all of her previous pass buyers into annual members, and fulfilling her true mission…

Providing a home for wholeness in her community… a place that before her opening didn’t have a yoga studio.

Annie is the embodiment of small changes paving the way to massive impact. I dare you not to be inspired!

Listen in as Annie and I chat about:

  • Annie’s biggest struggles in the first two years of opening her business…
  • How her marketing has evolved since she first started
  • How she’s doubled her revenue in a month that is known for being “slow”!
  • The transition from a class-based model to a 12-month membership model
  • Why revisiting her introduction package changed the way Annie does business
  • There’s freedom to be gained when your business is in a place where you can take a step back when needed!

With grit + gratitude,


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