Podcast Episode 154: Nischala Joy Devi, A Yoga Teacher and Healer Whose Groundbreaking Medical Work Combining Medicine and Mindfulness Has Changed The World

I met Nischala Joy Devi in the aisles of Barnes and Noble in 2004.

As I pulled book after book off the shelves, one stayed in my lap and ultimately journeyed home with me.

The Healing Path of Yoga, wasn’t just a healing path for me.

It was my first modern primer as a yoga teacher, one I journey back to so many times that my now three battered, dog-eared, and highlighted copies could tell my journey in themselves.

Her meditations, her thoughts on mindfulness, her teaching on the wholeness of yoga laid the foundation for how I view my practice {and how I teach} even today.

It is an honor to speak with her, to share her wisdom, her experience, and her teachings with y’all. I hope her extraordinary voice touches you as much as it touches me…

In today’s episode you’ll learn:

  • How Nischala got started in Western medicine and yoga back in the 1980’s – and hasn’t stopped!
  • Why Western medicine just wasn’t enough for her…
  • What her work with cancer patients looks like for both the patient and his or her family members
  • Why Western medicine and yoga is much more powerful as a pair
  • All parts of yoga are essential for an instructor to learn and practice themselves
  • Bring back the knowing of who you truly are
  • What happened when she brought yoga into the school system

With grit + gratitude,


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