6 Movement Methodologies that Every Studio Owner Needs to Know with Jacob Andreae

Meet fitness, nutrition, and mindset coach, Jacob Andreae. Jacob’s passion for fitness led him to leave a teaching career and successfully start his own boot camp business based on movement competency.

Join us as Jacob spills the beans on the six fitness exercises for holistic strength (without ever needing to set foot in a gym!)

If learning about the science behind movement  is your cup of tea (and if you’re listening to this podcast, it sure as heck might be), then tune in to learn about the importance of movement, the different fundamentals of movement methodologies, tricks to add to your arsenal as you work with clients, and how to shake things up if you find yourself (or your clients) in an exercise rut.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The six fundamental movements and why this is so important
  • Why children don’t learn to move properly anymore
  • Learning techniques and ways to externalize the cue and why this is so effective
  • Building the fundamentals step by step


With grit & gratitude,


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