Misconstrued Beliefs: I don’t have enough money to grow my biz

2019 was a crazy year of growth for us, y’all 

However, growth also led to doubt. I thought I’d peaked with no way to rise further.

I went on a bit of a downward spiral where I started feeding myself misconstrued lies about my business.

Man and on man, it was an eye-opening experience. 

Once I snapped out of it, I began reaching out to friends and clients, asking them what lies they believed about their businesses. 

Their answers formed the basis of a brand new series where we work on dispelling these misconstrued beliefs so that they don’t hold ya’ back. We’ll be rolling these out over the next few weeks!

To kick things off, here’s one belief that came up over and over in my conversations:

‘I simply do not have the money to grow my business.’

Y’all, over a decade ago, I believed this too. 

Which is why I can confidently say this:

You have more than enough money to run and expand your business.

In today’s episode, I walk you through this replaced belief as well as the four things you need to consider if you want to be smarter in handling your money and growing your business!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The top three numbers that are disconnected in your business
  • What mantra I follow to be in control of my business 
  • Where to start in owning the role of the CFO in your business
  • Why identifying your expenses is key 
  • My thoughts on replacing or renegotiating services
  • Some homework I have for you…


With grit & gratitude,


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