Stephanie Moran and Taking the Leap (Part 2)

Knowing your numbers is more important now than ever. 

And we aren’t talking about your waistline either.

COVID-19 has forced owners to take a fine-toothed comb to their account books, class schedules, and employee records, and re-evaluate their income and expenses. 

But are you paying close enough attention?

Today, we’re continuing our chat with Stephanie Moran, the founder/owner of CYB Studios and the co-founder and Head of Revenue for iKizmet, a software that provides visual data analytics for the fitness and wellness industry. 

And as the co-founder of iKizmet, Stephanie has a lot to say about what a studio’s numbers should look like. 

In today’s episode, Stephanie breaks down the questions studios should be asking themselves numbers-wise, the importance of having diverse streams of income, how to build a quality team, and how to transfer any corporate experience into your studio. 

This episode is a short one, but it’s doggone filled with useful information, so make sure to listen closely!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • All about Stephanie’s journey with her husband’s business, iKizmet, and the role it has played in studios
  • Why she strongly believes that you need multiple revenue streams
  • The reasons it’s better to hire full-time employees versus independent contractors
  • How Stephanie translated her corporate experience into running her own business
  • The way she finds a balance between building her business strategy and also wearing “multiple hats”

With grit & gratitude,



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