Cyndi Lee and The Transformative Power of Yoga (Part 1)

When I sat down with my team to discuss teachers who’ve inspired, motivated, and made an impact in their lives, Cyndi Lee’s name always came up. 

Cyndi is the founder of Om Yoga, author of Yoga Body, Buddha Mind and May I Be Happy, and the creator of some of the most dynamic teacher training programs and courses I’ve ever come across in the industry. 

And while chatting with her for today’s episode, I understood why. 

Cyndi has the passion of a teacher – someone who sees yoga for all the incredible things it can do, how it can connect people, how it can open a range of potential in your life…

And above all, how it can be fun. 

In today’s episode, Cyndi and I go back to how she fell in love with yoga (spoiler alert: her beginnings were simple, just like mine!), what led her to teaching, and how yoga helped her with creating a healthier relationship with her body. 

Be it her story about opening her studio in 1998 NYC (with just $800, a dial up phone, and a printer), or her candid thoughts on body image, Cyndi’s love for yoga is laced through every word, which made this one of the warmest, most inspiring conversations I’ve ever had. 

And y’all, this is just part one of our chat so stay tuned for more!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Yoga first became a calling and part of her life, and then led to a successful career in the field
  • Why her “different” teaching style and approach resonates with so many people
  • The relationship we all have with our bodies, and where yoga comes into play with this 
  • Challenges that were overcome in order to open her first studio in New York City 
  • The advantages smaller studios will have post-pandemic

With grit & gratitude,



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