Samantha Kellgren and Striking a Balance

You lead such a healthy life …

You’re so disciplined and motivated …

I’m in awe of how high your willpower is …

Those of us in the fitness industry probably constantly hear this from relatives and friends. 

They’re always meant as compliments and they fuel you with the motivation you need to keep up with your low calorie, high exercise lifestyle. 

But, when do you know if you’ve gone too far?

For our guest Samatha Kellgren, founder of Simply Well Coaching, the awakening came when she realized she’d lost her period. 

An avid runner, Samatha took her love for the sport seriously, running 12 miles almost every day while still living on a calorie restrictive diet. 

It got to the point where she would run her 12 miles before a long flight or immediately after a stomach flu, just to avoid the feeling of intense guilt she’d get if she missed a day of working out. 

And then one day, a female doctor she met at an event listened to her story, heard how she’d lost her period, and pre-diagnosed her with Hypothalamic amenorrhea, a medical condition where intense exercise causes extreme irregularities to your menstrual cycle. 

After going through multiple rounds of IVF and working to regain her period, Samantha made it her mission to help women transform rigid relationships with their bodies to ones of love and acceptance. 

Y’all, this episode hits close to home for me for many reasons and my chat with Samantha is so important right now. 

So, I hope you feel as moved and inspired as I did!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Samantha’s background and the struggles she faced with her hormones and cycle
  • How she got introduced to running and the way she began coaching others
  • Why Samantha says that mindset is the single most important part of living a healthy lifestyle
  • What are some of the most common unhealthy habits people have around exercise, and the most common lies she hears concerning diet
  • How a person’s cycle is really all about exercise and nutrition
  • The stigma that exists around physical appearance in the fitness world, and why this is so damaging
  • Practical steps for people struggling to find a healthy food and exercise balance 

With grit & gratitude,



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