How would I start all over again? (Part 3)

Y’all, when I spoke to my team about this episode via our weekly Zoom huddle, they just looked at me and said: 

Lise, you cannot say that on the podcast

However, despite any controversy, I truly believe in what I’m going to be sharing this episode. 

So, keeping with the theme of the past two weeks, if I were to go back and change how I ran my business, here’s the one thing I would do, especially in the context of 2021:

I would let go of every in-person sales staff member and completely centralize my sales system. 

Now, I know the response to this statement will be split, to put it lightly. So, let me explain what I mean by this. 

When I say in-person staff member, I don’t mean your instructors who also double as incredible sales people. Instead, I’m talking about someone dedicated to sales who works exclusively in-studio. They can be a front-desk staff member who doesn’t do too great of a job at sales, or they can be a dedicated sales member who isn’t pulling their weight in-terms of bringing revenue into your studio. 

On the flip side, a centralized sales system means building out a sales team that can work (and close the sale) from anywhere

And I truly would either not hire in-person sales members in the first place, or lay them off now in favor of a centralized system. 

But, I know it’s easier said than done. 

So, in today’s episode, I’ll be breaking down WHY I believe in this system so much (including some real-world success stories), the two routes you can take with this system, their pros and cons and much more!

In this episode you will learn: 

  • What a centralized sales team looks like {and why I would focus on using one if I were starting over again}
  • One downside of a centralized sales time that makes them not for everyone
  • What happened when we first tested our sales system with one of our accounts
  • Things to consider when setting up an automated sales process and sales team
  • Specific questions to be asking yourself as you set up the sales process in your business

With grit and gratitude,



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