Empower Your Boutique Fitness Studio with In-House Teacher Training

Y’all, does it seem impossible to find teachers that “fit” your studio?

The struggle is real when it comes to finding teachers who are personable, reliable, and align with your studio's values.

But what if I told you, in-house teacher training could be your golden ticket?

In EPISODE 564, we dive into the transformative power of teacher training programs. 

Join Studio Grow coach and seasoned studio owner, Allison Zang, as she unpacks the essentials of building a successful in-house training program.

Here's a quick peek at what we'll cover:

  • Why training your own teachers can be the solution to teacher shortages and inconsistency.
  • The essentials of teacher training programs and how to decide what's best for your studio.
  • The logistics of implementing a teacher training program without disrupting your existing schedule or blowing your budget.
  • How to price your programs for maximum profitability, with tips on payment plans, cancellation policies, early bird pricing, and potential upsells.

Picture this: 

You implement a teacher training program that increases your studio's profitability by 30%.

You add stability to your team. 

And your community thrives.

Sounds like a win-win, right?

So, let’s create something special.

Tune in to EPISODE 564 and we’ll discuss the power of in-house teacher training at your studio.

With grit and gratitude,



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