A Journey of personal and business growth. Meet Kim Paxton who is building a classical pilates business in Australia


Have you ever found yourself mid-Pilates stretch, letting your mind wander off to Australia's sun-drenched coasts? Just me? Oops!

Well, whether you've dreamt of it or not, Australia's got some Pilates magic brewing, and I just had to dig deep into it! 

So, in the latest EPISODE 576, I got all chatty with the fantastic Kim Paxton, and we dive into some stories!

Here's a little sneak peek:

  • Pilates with an Aussie Twist: Imagine a blend of our classic Pilates moves with a hearty dose of Australian sunshine. Yep, Kim's journey is that and so much more.
  • Hopping Over Challenges: Every journey has its bumps, but Kim? She's a master at turning them into springboards.
  • The Unique Aussie Beat: There's something special in the air down under that gives their Pilates routines a different groove. Wait till you hear Kim's insights!
  • Uniting Through Movement: Despite the miles, our shared passion for Pilates brings our hearts a little closer.

Feeling the pull of the Aussie tide yet? I thought so!

So, before you start hunting for flights and packing those bags, tune into EPISODE 576

It's like a warm hug from down under.

With grit and gratitude,



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