Sleep: The #1 Strategy to Building a Successful Company {and Staying Sane For the Long Term

Arianna Huffington has written a bestseller on it.

The New York Times is proclaiming it’s praises.

Harvard Business School can’t stop talking about it.

The single most important thing for an entrepreneur is none other than…

a good night’s sleep.


More important than…..

  • That last email I need to send?
  • The bookkeeping I stayed up to midnight to do?
  • The 7 AM meeting?
  • Every other one of the 26 million items on my to do list?

Yes, really {and I’m not trying to be obnoxious as I say that}. Your sleep matters to you and in turn to your business…because when you aren’t all there, your business suffers in turn.

As an entrepreneur in my early 20’s, I subscribed to the rule of more…more work, more profits, more of anything, but sleep. And, you know, I kept going like that for a healthy few years.

My turning point? The day I woke up in Guatemala City after two weeks of non-stop travel and work and realized I was sick. Like, really sick. Like, I got on a plane and flew home that afternoon, slept 18 hours and got diagnosed with pneumonia the next day.

The warning signs had been there for months, but I wasn’t listening to my body until it stopped me dead in my tracks.

So today, enjoy this video from our friend Arianna and promise me one thing…tonight, turn it all off early and get an extra hour of shut eye. I can’t wait to see what that means for tomorrow!

With Grit and Gratitude,


P.S. If you need any more persuasion, here’s an oldie, but goodie favorite of mine!

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